Time Passes By
[Music: Halén, Lyrics: Halén] Ain't it funny, the way life goes? Ain't it funny,how life carries on? Have we noticed,how time passes by? Watching the light. Fade away. Ain't it funny, the way life goes? Ain't it funny, how our dreams carry on? They try to tell me, you take my breath away, away. We've been together for some time. Maybe the best days of my life. I was lonely,before I met you. And you keep helping me trough the hard times. Time passes by. Time passes by. If you see the clouds on my sky. I know that you will wash away. And keep on pushing me through the sunrise. Always aware that I can count on you. If you would take me back. Then I maybe would stop to cry. I'm in need of someone like you. Letras de cancionesTo keep my faith and hold me tight. You know I'm growing stronger. When I'm down and you pick me up. Why can't I see you're the one for me. (Thoughts: ...You are not the one for me...) From Letras Mania