Paragon Of Beauty

One Step Into Nothingness
Where have I been For Spine chilling dreams crossed our way Almost too late Nothing is safe from woe and agony This breakdown of thoughts Was a wing beat for me A turning point in my confusing diary Sometimes I concealed my desperation behind a thin vein of coolness Soulnerves were crying like torrents unseen Moments undone tied to the run Maybe your sun shone quite dead Why do you fear the wounds Of your clandestine past How could we measure our queer-ticking hearts without mind At night we are rustling night At night I won't pass Monday night Unseemly expectations burned in my head Falcon-corpses flew above me but I still feel Letras de cancionesAll the soars, all the thorns, all the years of mute reproach Weeping tables, vacant chairs Withered time won't bloom again everyday Read my calm letters and you'll understand this pain Bleary-eyed ghost life is our host Don't go to sleep while I'm down From Letras Mania