...Foetus was growing At the cost Of uterus mother's organism... My thoughts Has gone in torture I hear - why !? I don't I feel touch. I torture other vicim - why !? Question why scoring I say to you? Degenerated conception of creepy Created by aversion & death Vision of their own nation I remember moment Saturated with Looking at massacre - why ? Innocent's blood is All over my body Deep in me there is Degeneration & inside Madness Madness Murder by the reason Cruelty by own Children's blood Created by system of hatred Letras de cancionesChanged into beast ...From unsewed stomach is Coming baby Small in mother's blood, Stumps cut navels Around their throats Mother's blood mixed With young stuff Demonic orgy, woman's anatomy I'm guilty in brain torture I hear - why question Nation's death - why From Letras Mania