Life For Life
Internally old organism Rejected its fetus But occuring reactions won't allow To tear out the bringer Of human existence Fight for life - what life, Which one question In great fulfilmnet life was created To sacrifice - life for life... Off happiness for human Satisfaction left is Impotence and emptiness... And scattered human Creation is being removed... Save life - but what life, Which one question piece by piece, Effectively and carefully Small head which was Supposed to see the world (to give happiness and mother's devotion) Inertly lies in the surgeon's hands - A few stumps, closed and blood covered Eye - lids, deadly grimace Of the childish face... Someone must stay life - Letras de canciones-But what for, why? Emptiness will persist, Nervous breakdown and fear... Looking at the deadly fetus in all - -Embracing inability weeping won't help in blood - life is taken away to rescue (Another) life and then...to forget (?) - life for life Unforgettable grief... From Letras Mania