Fool's Garden

I just don't know the reason don't know the reason why You tell me you are weary There are clouds in your sky Put your hands on my temples Can't you see it in my eyes Raise your head against the wall You don't have to disguise yourself Lena Just another morning just another day Another day without you another lonely day I feel your breath in my ear your fingers in my hair Your sweat, your lips, your voice, your face though you're not there Oh Lena - can't get you out of me Oh Lena - can't get you out of me Ashes on the table heavy rains they fall The firmament gets dismal Letras de cancionescolours on the wall Draw me to the rainbow I'm trying to resist Cut the ground from under my feet Tear me out of that midst Oh Lena Everywhere I go everytime I try to sleep Everything reminds me I feel the pain so deep Please tell me anything and stop the circles move The pain is growing stronger because I still love you Lena From Letras Mania