Pandora, oh have you any will, to keep away from what is making you ill? There is a tiny little cupboard on your side of the room, and it's been telling you lies, the kind that turn you into a memory of what your body really looks like, you are shrinking in the covers! I'm afraid of how your bones will all show! Just stretch that skin you're in, and you'll be fine again. Pandora, Pandora... Pandora, the black of the eclipse is keeping anyone from touching your lips. Letras de cancionesAnd you forgot what bodies feel like, they're just shadows to you... smiling white and red, while your veins show blue. And every hospital you get in tells you "Go ahead, admit it! You're no different than these women who are grinding their teeth!" Did you see Seraphim? I heard he's out again... and he likes to play God with no laws, dark facade... Pandora, you never saw the moon. The smell of arsenic is filling the room. And there's no hope of ever writing your intentions- your arms are too weak! The people think you want destruction of peace. But, I think I know you better, you were curious, you wanted to find out- "What's all this nonsense of the evils about? Cause nothing can contain all of this human pain!" Pandora, you're wrong- it's all in a box. Just close your eyes. Lost in forever... God, it's so tempting! Where are the children? Everyone's so old here. Look mom, I'm fine now. Can I come home? I'm still your child, don't leave me alone. I had to open it. Like a child unwrapping Christmas gifts. The Nothingness. The Nothingness. From Letras Mania