For every moon, there are a thousand more Oh...the demons at your door... With every drink, you hope to sink. For some it's bright white light, but others just don't think that's right. The lucky day we make the great escape. The distant lie, Just isn't right. Your mother warned you to stay inside, But now the moon is full and those fangs are hard to hide. Letras de cancionesThere is a labyrinth placed around my body, Pulling me in every direction, God's still playing games. You'd think he'd let me know, If I was going down below. Well, I have news. I'll always be a ghost. A paper moon is all you have. A cardboard cutout only lasts Until it burns or someone crushes Everything you've built upon it. Paper faces frown at you. Their birthmarks showing in the blue light, Naked, all exposed. But you remain still fully clothed. From Letras Mania