First Child, Still Life
Jupiter was right, he said, "Little moons will bite." But there's no way he'd ever be a still life posed. He'd rather walk back up the hill to see the sun, when you're weak, your mind's exposed. A little baby cries with the weight of God inside, and as he's told to be a saint, he really knows... "Miracles are rare, so why should I care? You know I'll never get outside inside this home." "You little blonde haired, blue eyed BRAT! I told you not to cry like that. Honey, where is your mind at??" Letras de canciones Love him as a child of yours. I lay in bed, this giant snores and keeps me up on my all-fours. He hasn't gone away. Well the preacher's cold, so you do as your told and let the water pierce the evil through your skin. It burned and scarred as mother told you "Love is War." and love IS war, so what do you keep fighting for? Keep pushing more, the bunkers rise, composers score... and Love is War, so what do you keep fighting for? From Letras Mania