I'd love to drain you, says the voice up in my head, but I'm too preoccupied with other things she said, she sits and whispers twisted lies and lullabies to make me fade away, but never far enough to make her disappear, shes here to stay, a lifetime this way, shes a bitch, shes Ana. I'd love to kill you screams the voice up in my head, listen to my advice, because I want you dead, she pulls and tries, and makes you cry, but never dies, shes your living nightmare, shes Ana. I'm going to get you, shouts the voice up in my head, as I try not to relive, all the dirty lies, shes fed, as she turns and twists, and makes deep slits, into your soul, she never gets old, shes a constant disease, she gets inside your dreams, as perfect as she seems, shes pure evil, shes Ana. They tell me to ignore her, but how can I when shes constantly screaming inside me, so I can never get free. They tell me shes not real, but how can I believe them, when I know, she lives to make me die, everything she is, is a lie. She takes away taste, to make you waste, and uses fear to make you disappear, shes makes you itch, she slits your wrists, and leaves you bleed, won't let you plead, she never listens, shes there forever, shes Ana. From Letras Mania