roommates - i think they suck. roommates - they're a bunch of fucks. roommates - i think they're lame. roommates - they're all the same. they stay up all night, they eat your food. they destroy everything in sight, i come unglued. i think you suck, what's wrong with you? you're such a dumbfuck, what can i do? roommates - they're a bunch of slobs. roommates - can't get a job. roommates - they're always there. roommates - i just don't care. they sit at home all day, they wreck the place. can't pay the rent, i can't stand your face. nothing's left to say, get off my case. get out of my way, i can't stand this place. everywhere i go, they're all the same. everyone i meet, they're fucking lame. roommates! From Letras Mania