Full Fathom Five

The spark inside her eyes has smoldered to ash, a desert, gray in ruin, beneath a mournful epitaph. Her sad soul can be seen in the window of her eyes, Peering out from this faá§ade her porcelain disguise. Her luminescent voice is now a lifeless drone, an empty canvas tossed aside, a hopeless monotone. A faint whisper of light is silenced quickly by the plea of lovers lost in raging waters, driving hope beneath the sea. Mary, Mary, Quite the contrary Mary, Mary, Your garden has died out. The lingering doubt of what will be of what has been l eaves her wondering if this time is the end. Hoping for the best but waiting for the worst, Drowning in uncertainty, her self-inflicted curse. But she cries for a savior, to take her from this place, to pull her from these ashes and to drive away this fate. But her prayers are never answered for salvation had its price, and her fruitless, faithless heart will not confess that sacrifice. Mary, Mary Letras de cancionesQuite the Contrary Mary, Mary Your garden has died out. Your seven devils cast aside Now risen, still your tongue is tied Afraid of what your doubting eyes might see. Come again, relieved of grief You walk away in disbelief, The devil's sword, unsheathed, distracts your eye. Mary, Mary Quite the contrary Mary, Mary Your garden has died out. From Letras Mania