Full Fathom Five

If These Walls Could Talk
If these walls could talk Or put their story on a page If the old screen door had only held All the words that slipped away If the photographs and letters Still hung in dusty frames And the echoes of our fathers? Struggles still remained What would they say? What life could they give to this dying day? What would they say? What timeless truths never fade away? If these walls could speak And told us all we need to know If the long cold hearth Burned again its amber glow If the mirror in the bedroom Reflected all we never show And the whispers of a hundred years Hid behind the cellar door What would they know? What joys and pains have they seen come and go? What would they know? Letras de cancionesWhat gave them life so many years ago? Would they warn us of ourselves And this flesh we can't escape? Would they tell us of the constant war And our own helpless estate? Would they tell us of a living hope Who offers peace and guides our way? Or admonish us in wisdom In a caution that would say The spoils of this battle build cathedrals of gold Temples to ourselves and faith in that which we can hold We bow before our golden calves; we're quick to raise the sword And drive the nails with our hands and hearts which spilled the blood Of the Lamb Of the Man Of our fathers and our brothers And our children who we lay in dust Of our neighbors and strangers Of our friends and of our enemies Of everyone we meet If these walls could talk would they not scream? Of everything they've seen Of everything that's been And everything that's slipped away Of everything that's lost Of everything that we've forgotten And these stains on our hands That we have tried to wash away Of our greedy eyes and our lustful cries Of silences and shame and fear and disbelief And all the things we hide Of our earthly pride and our hearts' desires Of fame and fortune, rhyme and reason Questions, answers, doubts, and blasphemy If these walls could talk would they not scream? From Letras Mania