Excuse 17

Vanishing Act
she was the type of girl who when missing they said they said she would return the next day that she would be returned but then they were wrong and that that girl is gone and she is missing from her but she isn't missing it here at all disappear i'm out of here x2 (and i'm waiting here for you to take my place i think i've found the words to end self-hate) missing person oh eyes are blue have you seen this girl or did she did she vanish right in front of you vanish right in front of you i want the car to take me away i want the light in the sky to suck me in i don't want to have to stay here anymore i just want someone to take me away oh adopt me x2 (i don't feel anything i don't think you know this shame i think i wanna die everything stayed the same) missing in action oh eyes are brown you haven't seen this girl cuz she cuz she is no longer around no longer around x2...for reals(i couldn't sleep last night it hurts to close my eyes it's no use anymore i'll never sleep again) From Letras Mania