Excuse 17

Groundhog's Day
i'm not feeling very interesting but i know i am true and i trust whatn i do. i know groundhogs day is not very revolutionary but people who always are (revolutionary) scare me. so deal with this here and now cause i am digging through this shit and i'm going to get out. this groundhog is digging out of its hole and it's full of reality and it's cold. 6 weeks of winter and it's all dependent on one fucking rodent. this is the season of wait and see and you are waiting to see what you can take from me this is the season of wait and see and i am witing for you to give up on me. i have to dig through this shit of youyouyou and mememe to get through whats important too big to see. the shit is clearing but i still can't see my shadow maybe next groundhaog's day i kow, i'll know... From Letras Mania