Crosstown Rival

Outta This World
You say you're not wide eyed in you I can confide This time I lost my mind Why do you hide from me tell me so I can see Inside no where to hide Cant catch you when you run away this time there's nothing left to say Ok just run away Hide behind all of the stars but just do run too far Away you'll lose you're way You say that you'll never ever run away yea yea yea yea You hope that there's nothing left for me to say yea yea yea yea Just take everything it will all be ok yea yea yea yea In time I think you'll fine your own way yea yea yea yea You just hurt yourself tonight your star burns less bright Today what can I say You're not everything to me it's easy and it's plain to see That we are not to be From Letras Mania