Crash 81

Means To An End
Nothing matters anymore, dignity is out the door, insanity's what I adore Conflicting feelings of the past, nothing ever seems to last, yet everything remains unchanged Situational irony, fear of what it is that I'll be, conquered complacency Another day of lies, no one ever strives to revive, all dreams crushed and wishes fulfilled Then I wonder about my life, am I justified? Then I stop to take a break and take a glimpse at the other side Unworthy......of a weaker self esteem Everyday I get the chance to put up with the irony Ungrateful......come along with me my friend I will show you the mentality of means to an end False sense of reality, due to fleeting sagacity, all my questions still remain A test of personal truth, still not really sure what to do, everything stays the same From Letras Mania