A Shame (Live Acoustic)
You are afraid to say it's true reality escapes you Time after time you try to prove to yourself you're right But your ways are not the way how long do you have to play This game before you see I'm right it's not just a game it's a fight You're afraid to hold out your hand don't be afraid to take a stand Chorus It's a shame to be ashamed To be ashamed of the One that we should glorify You are afraid of the price you'll pay will you be strong or walk away You're reasons are runnin' thin all that's left to do is give in Inside this generation of sin there's only one place to begin And it's at the starting line or you will be left behind You say it's hard to believe in something you can't see A choice you make today will affect you eternally Now I'm here to stay And I've made a change And I won't go away From the One who gave live From Letras Mania