Arnies (The)

Waves crash on the shore as my emotions go wild for you Waves ripple through the see like i miss your smile yes i do How come I can't find you Where did you go I need to know You vanished like a teardrop in thee ocean I fell for you like some kind of magic potion of potion It all happened like magic this always happens it's like a habit I fall in love and I get hurt my poor heart gets trampled in the dirt I miss you so much and my heart is untamed like a wild animal my head is rushing i'm so confused The stars in the sky make me cry thoughts of you and you do the same My only wish that i could touch your face Everything reminds me of your face and I wish I could remember the way that you taste Maybe it's because i never got to touch or have you the my head is in rage it's all happening again. From Letras Mania