Armed Metropolis

Maybe I'll Change Soon Or Not At All
he's worried about me leaving, can't say she doesn't have a reason... i'm a bit irrresponsible, can't keep a job through all four seasons... and thats something you should know... as much as i deny myself to be dependent of my parents... my bed is made, food's on my plate... i'll never take mom and dad forgranted... she tells me i should just finish school and pursue my opportunities... here i am trying to determine if it would be enough to keep me honestly happy... she has such expectations, convinced that my talent's a threat... if you don't know how much you've influenced me, you've haven't read much yet... now she has plans on moving west, knowing that she'll make the best... of surroundings, school, and friends... while i'm pedaling without a mailing address... Letras de cancionesi'll be unrecognizable with an acoustic and a rusty throat... singing this exact song...with an audience all singing along... an akward feeling knowing that because of you i wrote this song... and here i am...i told you so, i'm not making money but atleast i've seen it all... and here i am...i told you so, i still love you, if you wanted to know... "Maybe i would change soon or not at all." / MOuth Feb 6, 2006 From Letras Mania