Armed Metropolis

Oh, God You've Written History With Actual Blood.
god is dead so, why is it still an issue... ya' sleep beside a bible covered with teary tissues... armageddon's charging out from steeple gates... piercing stigmas through those who questioned god's existence... and who have denounced religious escapades... columbus sailed in search of gold across the atlantic... on timbers against waves nina, pinta, oh, christ with santa maria... reached a coast welcomed by indigenous... so, catholic took advantaged of the hospitalities, enforced European traditions and language... enslaved the arawaks, shipped them off to great britain.. genocides spreading throughout the Americas... civilization once in harmony, now just part of our history... in his holly name we exterminated humanity... Letras de cancionesdestroyed our only earth, made idols of common others, made soldiers of my brothers... overpriveledged under a crucifix... while the people are starving right inside your ivory doors... inhuman suffering supported by creed... now is your god an influence to your greed?... and if god once walked among us are those stories actually true?... or are they just fictional literature to persuade you?... to have you follow Sunday's graceful traditions of wine and bread agendas... palms firmly shut buried in your pockets grasping those few cents... given to thieves for christ did he ever intend for this to be?... what human can steal another's life and not feel any empathy?... jesus, marry all characters in a plot used for their profiting schemes... and this war over his holly land, triggers pulled by paranoia... children, all that is innocence...caught in the mix of radical martyrs... all in the name of?...all dead in the name of?... the beast mask's itself with a grin and open hands... I wont fall into it's poisoned well or be bitten by it's machinery jaws... (Oh, my God you've written history with actual blood.) Diego de Souza/MOuth From Letras Mania