Anti Pigeon Device (The)

He's such a pretty girl In his dress and high heels Lacy silks and chiffon Affect how he feels He's going out tonight To turn some heads Carlos becomes Carla With his lips painted up red. He feels so much more confident With stockings round his thighs With frilly fancies across his chest And mascara around his eyes. He's a beauty queen With a husky low voice He has a perfect figure To impress all the boys Oh Carla! We won't tell the world your secret Oh Carla! we won't let them know Oh Carla! With your hair brown and your eyes blue Oh Carla! Let them wait until they uncover you! calalalalalalaCARLA etc. Letras de canciones Carla's getting dolled up for a night on the tiles, and he's not sure where he left his suspenders He tries to retrace his steps but he's walked miles, And he would go out but it just doesn't feel right. He's got that look in his eyes That leaves the boys surprised He sees his next conquest It leaves quite a mess You see this one likes breasts Carla is of flat chest He has more than the rest It's just he wears a dress Surely he is a nice girl But he's too sexy for our world Pretty boys in fishnets Leave our people in distress If he saunters up to you Heed our warning What's in his underwear May leave you mourning Oh Carla etc. From Letras Mania