Anti Pigeon Device (The)

He's so obsessed with Shit in shotglasses Hooked on vitamin water Its all because of his daughter Yes I'm stealing your radio As if you didn't know There's really no need to be arsey HIS PHONE IS SET TO 1996 AND HE JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT THAT THE CENTURY'S OVER AND HIS RADIO'S SCREAMING LIES HE'S PUT HIS FINGERS IN TOO MANY PIES AND SHE FADES AWAY FROM HIM He's feeling old He's got the common cold He's watching Eastenders He's of questionable gender Locked in his living room Mourning for Nana Moon There's really no need to be arsey CHORUS Letras de canciones I want a variation On communication White noise from the TV screen Nothing knows what I mean From Letras Mania