Aluminum Group

Hello you crazy messed-up kid, I know you've been bounced around Too long in the ring. You talk about a low blow, I guess all's fair in love and war. And there's people on the sidelines, Junior, Who been keeping score. And word is that you got Just what a knucklehead deserves. But you don't have to hear the sound of the bell In your ear to know you're down, You can tell it's over now From the maddening crowd. Wake up you sleepy little thing, I know you're in there somewhere, hibernating. No use pretending, that's such a sad state of affairs. And you know that you're long overdue, So get up and clear the air. And wake up because it's springtime in Jellystone Park. You should be casting your fishing pole Just as far as a metaphor will go. You'll be tugging on somebody's heart strings before you know... You should be casting your fishing pole... From Letras Mania