(Opening lines are spoken as a sermon- "John 10") I am the door By me if any man enter in he shall be saved And shall go in and out and find pasture The thief cometh not but for to steal And kill and to destroy But I have come that they might life! And that they might have it more abundantly Restless folks live restless lives But the father hears their cries He can feel the sorrow they feel Jesus came to empathize More than you can realize Offering a life that is real Chorus: Since he came to give us (life) There's been nothing like this (life) I'm complete within His life Such a source of healing (life) Simple truth revealing (life) There's no other feeling life Repeat Chorus Letras de cancionesMany who have heard His voice Often fail to make the choice Giving Him the total control Burdens He could take today They will carry anyway Hopelessly to pilot their souls Repeat Chorus (x2) Giving us life - His life - There's no other life He's giving us life, oh yes He's giving us life - There's no other life There's no need for living down When there's happy life around Look at what the master has done Give it time and you will see You can sing along with me This is why the Savior has come Repeat Chorus (x2) From Letras Mania