A Billion Ernies

Effect Of The Scene
Effect of The Scene She puts on a shirt. It acts like camouflage, Protecting her from staring eyes and cold remarks Just fit in and no one will notice. Just pretend you get along with them They will fake it right back No need to break the mold No need to break it. So hop right on. The more the merrier Its a pity party and everyones invited. Just play their games Letras de cancionesShell fit right in And watch as all her friends follow the same path she is Watch as they all forget their God, and fall away She thought she caught the ride To happiness and love, But this ride leads to nothing but a lie. A place where nobody cares at all, And its a shame Sometimes she wont go home. Shes too scared to be alone, And she falls apart when no ones there. But God had never left her side. He wants to tell her shes alright, But she doesnt listen anymore. She cant trust herself So she listens to others like her. One day they will betray her trust. And she will forgive them From Letras Mania