Call It What You Want
[Talking] Here's a story About a bitch About a bitch I once fucked wit Now I want ya'll to listen real close Shit's a trip Peep game Used to have a bitch that was true to life to me Damn near a wife to me The bitch was just right for me Stood by my side Used to help me wit my hustle Down to pack straps and a cap if we had a tustle I used to trust her wit my riches I be in the kitchen cookin chickens While she be washin dishes 150,000 in the attic Pager blowin up all night, my bitch never gave a nigga static I used to make her mad enough to kill Lipstick on the front of my draws, man my bitch was real Cuz she never stole nothin Gaffled by the FED's 3 4 times and never told nothin But wait My bitch is gettin distant on me No more back rubs and kisses Letras de cancionesWhat's happenin wit my little misses Too sleepy for the sex play Now what's really going on the same shit the next day Damn I know she wouldn't fuck around Still I taps all my phones and records every fuckin sound Conversations wit her homegirl but nothin major I duplicates the cap code to her pager Now i recieves every beat Cuz I'll be damned if my bitch goin be playin me cheap [Chorus] Call it what you want but I gotta know If my bitch fucks around then my bitch gots to go [x2] Week and a half flies by and now I Can't trust my bitch doin shit Track her through the mall, the cleaners, and the nail shop The grocery store, and the health food spot Dub you trippin I say to myself 'Is she all that? I'm on my bitch ass like I'm lo jack' Just hold that I don't really like when she be callin her best friend Pull up on the lot in a black Benz I could smell it homie It's goin down These bitches bout to flirt wit some niggas and clown Followed they ass to the Mo-Mo Oh no Damn this shit's for real Now just imagine how a nigga feal Cuz I been livin wit a hoe And worse than that a muthafucka didn't know She got's to go I hit the chronic cuz I'm on a mission I'm havin visions Of two dead bitches missin Christmas I can't take it no more I cocks my strap ?takes flight? And kick the fuckin hinges off the door I skimmed the room with the infared And finds my bitch and her best friend naked in the water bed [Chorus] Now I'm confused I puts my heat down Mouth open like a muthafucka takes a seat now (?we's now?) How long you been fuckin her? I ain't know yo ass was on cock Got me thinkin bout ? ? She said I trust her like you trust me If you trust we Then us three could be livin in harmony I get's to thinkin bout the pussy and the riches Fuck it I guess I got two down bitches [Chorus] [Talking] Ha yeah Tell ya about these little stank ass scrags Ain't shit I got two of em now Fuck em One for this braid right here One for this braid right here Gotta lick this middle one Fuck ya'll WC CJ Mac From Letras Mania