Assembly Of Dust

Zero To The Skin
The piano played a melody that haunted her for days and love made love for a heart thats aching He could sooth a world that moves in the most peculiar way the sultry lines of an ageless waking. Chorus When your tilting on your axis and the room the room has come unglued Let the music carry you- you're standin in your skin So it often happens with captain of your gaze Guilty for your heart When he speaks the music a piece of you is saved and a piece of you departs Chorus She lead him to an open room and fed him bread and told him she would be back soon then she shed her skin and a history begins. In searching for the absence of the things that made her ache One thing stood to rise. It started with a tremor then her bones began to shake and every muscle cried. Chorus From Letras Mania