Original Flavor

Kick The Butta
[Will Ski] I reach and teach many masses at the podium My rhymes are designed to flow smooth as linoleum I suggest you thinj twice before you step to this Verbs and nouns combine with a cool twist Dollars I fold bend up pack it and stack it I'll take your girl sport her like a Raiders' jacket But you ain't said jack son get ready for action My usual style causes fly reactions Crowds get lift as if I was pumpin barbells All hell it's gonna take an army to stop me Watch me get into this like a pair of Timbaland boots Kick rhymes that drop suckers like parachutes Foes oppose so I'm forced to diss a fiend Smoke me like nicotine wake up it's a dream Punks talk junk but if they listen Of course they'll find that each line is sharp As a porcupine I get nice on a mic And with your girlfriend I'll turn a kiss Into a sexual whirlwind there's not another The ladies hawk the lover I play them all out Like a game from Parker Brothers rhymes I write Stick to the mind like superglue Smooth but rough like an Isuzu Tropper 2 Stupid respect all the girls say he's groovy Cause I can get liver like a Schwarzenegger movie Letras de cancionesBack up you better back up brother skip town My style will horrify you like Tales From The Crypt clown I'm sure to esculate don't underestimate Shut your mouth drop the mic And just bless the great rhyme I disperse Burst until somebody's hit cause I'm avenging myself Like a karate flick talking all that talk Behind the back of the super funky rhyming spectuacular [Suave Lover] My rhymes alone make me remarkable Hand me the mic and watch me do the impossible I rip and run on MCs with a tight fist Close my eyes grit my teeth And swing for a hard hit for those who can't catch This hip hoppin thinking they were close In fact they're quite far from this I break MCs into 123s for assuming that The Suave was just ease please get out my way When I'm in your area before I get the 1-84 To take care of ya cause you don't know Who you're dealing with so listen brother I'll run over you your microphone plus your mother So get out of my way when Suave is making tracks I'm switching microphones and breaking MCs backs I'm nothing to be played with believe me you'll get burned I kill MCs like Listerine kills germs It's just a style of mine I kicking every kind of rhyme And you are sure to find I put your head all in a twine Crush any MC in a large sum treat rappers like pimples So Suave Oxecutes them so sit down yeah And I prevail all hell I pack more rhymes Then volts on the 3rd rail so who's up next? You wanna get dropped kicked? Cause I'll put rappers down faster than a Van Damme flick From Letras Mania