Mykill Miers

Killing Spree The Sequel
[Verse 1] Got the mind of a maniac I'm having visions of murder that's why I'm sayin that Ignore that going to jail I ain't playin that I mastered the art of getting away with slaying cats I can't bealive you're sayin that Cause I'm sick minded Kill a parkin nobody who can't find it And you can't find the murder weapon A stashed spot, that's what the burners kept in I'm destroying the evidence I'm wipin the prints and checkin forms irrelevant There's blood smudges in the bathroom and a bloody shoeprint that's going towards the backroom Bullet holes in the wall and broken glass too And find your body by the backdoor where I blast you Now who did this as if you had to ask who It's Myke Miers and it's killing spree part 2 ah [Hook] Now there ain't no change in me It used to be hard but now it ain't no thang to me To go into a niggas house put a pistol in his mouth and blow his fuckin brains out Letras de canciones [Verse 2] I'm sending cats to post motem I just kill 'em all and let the core in the sodom My objective is to flaw 'em My skills is real they fabulous like the forum They call me Mr.Slicy Dice shoes, ?? whatever if the price is right We can't negotiate your fate it's too late You're another funeral candidate Fatal wounds get inflicted with a snub nose biscuit your father organs get twisted That's what happens when you come see me multiple stab wounds write my name in bloody grafitti Do you even know what you're dealin with? A lunitic with an appetite for killin shit They say Myke Miers is pure evil I had to do it twice Killing Spree The Sequel ah [Hook] [Verse 3] They call me Mykill ?? the king of killing sprees The master of the murder shit I mapped out ways to make you blackout by pulling the mac down i wish you would act out You'll learn a valuable lesson The way you learn the value of my Smith & Wesson I wish you would get your crew too That's more reasons for me to put these bullets through you See I ain't playin with a full deck I got a full clip and I wish you would test See you're dealing with a mad man I'm putting body's from trash cans on tash can You wanna hear the Wu boo then ask Cam I slash niggas like Zorro call me the masked man My mindstate is to murder people I had to do it twice Killing Spree The Sequel ah [Hook] From Letras Mania