Mykill Miers

Best Friends Become Strangers
[Verse 1: Mykill Miers] Yo, some people change like the season change you can be type o' brothers to do different thangs then they wanna question always sweatin' you they sayin' you actin' funny and they pest from you they testin' you like you ain't be true but the lessons by they else tellin' when I do so my question to you, you my homie from jump street cause soon as tump speak you down to rush me so must react like we enemies are you a friend of me, droppin of negative energy you pretend to be friends with me but eventually the truth come and the in you see you potentially play the double agent goin' back and forth is a whole lot of trouble ain't it ? so now we gain beats and we don't speak you blame your punk-ass homies when the rumours leak [Chorus] Yo, we worked from homies to haters, from friends to foes You got the wrong (?) from niggas you know But on the low, I know your heart's filled with anger So how did we go from best friends to strangers? (scratched: "mama said you behind my back be talking trash") (sample: "A thug changes and love changes, and best friends become strangers") Letras de canciones[Verse 2: Mykill Miers] Are you a friend or foe? you acting like a bitch-nigga though And I can't figure your attitude I ain't mad at you you don't know your mommy 's asked for you what happened to me and you bein' down when you was clown she known that we was peep we would never gotten to it let your homie talk better 'bout me man you blew it this thangs you do is the same thing that hoes do get mad at minor things when they exposed to this is what I'm gon' do I'm about the shakers I ain't got time for a homie that's flate cause a homie that's a fake is a homie that's a snake you best to back out my face and give me some space this type of rap race you gotta get the keys you better get on your camp partner before they squeeze the homie that's a enemie is a bad predictment so make sure you buck your fake homies you can't live with [Chorus] [Verse 3: Mykill Miers] Some times I wake up and think about the people who hate it I see things in low clippin' now that I've made it to 25 You out there you tellin' lies actin' like my true homie but you wear the skies got a whole lot to say when my back is turned but when we face face try to act concerned you asking me thangs tight when your eye will drop knowing damn well that you cats tryin' to plot you don't care about my whereabouts just run your mouth knowing that you thinking about ways to take me out so if you hate me, then just hate me but don't try to play me for a fool and try to thank me maybe if you was man enough then you would let me know instead of lettin everybody know on the low See most of y'all is two-faced That's why I walk around with a damn screw face [Chorus] From Letras Mania