Mykill Miers

Who Am I?
Yeah It's Myke Miers The Hitchcock of Hip Hop We bout to get down and dirty right here Carson [VERSE 1] My chrome be my chaperone wherever I roam If you wanna test then it's on, I spotted your dome Rat-tat-tat and you're gone is how it be See, rappin is all in my blood, inside of me If you're steppin with a weapon, there's a 50/50 chance If you live, you'll be pissin in your pants If you die, you'll be chillin in a casket wearin a tuxedo Labels fuck you, but they can't fuck me though Stricly m.d., this Ill Boogie dog Been seein things different since I been 20, y'all Serve any of y'all that they put in front of me See they harden till I step up, then they run from me Cause Myke Miers is much more than a man Part machine with a mic attached to my hand It's like Schwarzenegger when he was the Terminator My mic is a A.K. loaded with words to spray ya But yo [CHORUS] Letras de canciones(Who am I?) I'm the illest nigga alive (It's do or die) The motto that I live by (It's suicide) Testin me line for line (So who am I?) The one and only Myke Miers [x2] [VERSE 2] I'm the bearer of bad news, I'm here to smash crews Myke Miers got mo' nuts than cashews You suck like vacumes, and your crew's wack too After gettin served on the mic you might get smacked too I dust off men often like Hofmann Puttin trash niggas to sleep in coffins You're lost in the shuffle with no way to step out Can't take the heat in the kitchen, then you get the heck out As the world turns, there's a nother lesson to learn My style is too hot, so I bet you get burned If I let you get a turn, will you bust tight? I noticed the way you been peepin my style, you must bite Touch Myke? Never that You gotta come a little better and fresher than that Sever your back, take out your spine, now you're spineless Rhymeless, cause Myke Mier's music's timeless Yo [CHORUS] [VERSE 3] Yo, a lotta cats wanna take my crown We can go style for style, so place your bets down Put your Tec down, then your Mo√ęt down Hope you came to splash, cause you're bout to get wet, clown Not the first to put it down, but I left a mark Where others fell to the wayside, I got you sparked But now I took a little hiatus And niggas wanna press they shit up, be claim that they the greatest But the spot is mine, I got it signed at the dotted line A lot of MC's got lyrics, but ain't none as hot as mine Cats like me paved the way so you could shine You didn't think I was gon' come back and take what's mine? I'ma make y'all pay for the dues I paid Ain't enough graveyards for the crews I slayed So it's you I slay, Mykill Miers don't play Declare to crown the Underground King of L.A. [CHORUS] It goes down like that If you know who I am Bet you know now It's Ill Boogie From Letras Mania