Method Man & Redman

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(feat. Redman) [Redman] Man he must of bumped his motherfucking head or something Yo Yo M.C.'s out there, you betta stand clear It's Funk Doc M.E.TH on da world premiere From New Jerz straight talk, america's best Co' Island Staten Island is where I'm at Y'all amateurs act like hoes affendin us We're special eders go on tours on banana bus D. O. same m.o., drive through bricks Chicken shotty, that ass make me lie to my bitch Word to god doc throw more lines then fishin rod No stars, we're supergod non recouperb-alls (yo) Buttons is pressed to remove the press Press a bullshit, my index press a full clip (YO) Set up cones when I'm firing chrom I hittin ladies to old men in retirement homes Dail 9-1-1 runnin gun in the street dungeon Earth, moon and stars checkin out what the sun done Suspects change clothes Before I leave the heat, I put two in rain grove for my range rove Hot to death, cops is vex I push a buck 60 if they try to block the lex Drive by on the baja Letras de cancionesSnatch the cartier watch I Boucnce laughing off like clue "HAHA" Doc is like poppy, supplying you grand So breaka breaka while I turn it to the Shoalin Man [Method Man] Foreva underground Nigga duck the mic when we come around Control hammer like the mighty Thor Bringin thunda down Now you're in store for predator Like refugees I come to settle score Half-baked medifore, that taste even better raw Hardcore holy war Hits from the resevoir, southpaw saboteur Land sharks get they chin checked when I jabba jaw Time to walk my labrodor Livin out my dreams, at the same time shatter yours Code red fill 'em full of lead Greatful dead live from Hemstead Tiger Kunk Fu know the ledge Check the full fledged knucklehead Clam bread, livin on the edge used to be the best Jack Frost sniffin at your nose, get your Suddafed Rap Cheech and Chong, me and Red official budda head Off track like O.D.B., I'm too black I'm like Zoro, I mark a Wu, sign your back, motherfucka [Chorus:] (It aint even a question) This side niggaz too hardcore (It aint even a question) That side niggaz too hardcore (It aint even a question) In the middle niggaz too hardcore So what cha, what cha, what cha, want (What cha want?) (It aint even a question) Def Squad niggaz too hardcore (It aint even a question) Wu Tang niggaz too hardcore (It aint even a question) Def Jam nigga too hardcore (Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up) So what cha, what cha, what cha, want? [Redman] Yo stomp wit the big dogs Sick dog lurkin (Roof Roof) Doc bradshaw, behind ball plant and steel curtains Denver Bronco fan, glock squirtin Brick city, stering wheel hurtin Prepare y'all fast car for lane mergin Hasta manana, y'all crash like that Yanna cock block into gramma Got cock in Atlanta, rockin P.P.P. Bandanas While we fuck 'em on camera It's too late to plant bate for my click to fall We dodge boobie-traps and pitfalls and thick fog When I tee, LA ride, "It's y'alls" Website couldnn't find a site wit macintosh On John Walsh America's Most, aim for spots to put more in a terrier coat [Method Man] Uh huh, we speak for the unheard Caught in the matrix Sound from the subbasement, "Spread the word" Like uncureables from dirty bird, beyond basic John Wu these fake niggaz, give 'em replacements The thrilla of a park killer Bubonic plague any M.C., that swear he illa Inject the dufus wit the lupus Yukmouth rhymes that leave him toothless My filled fly and filled groupless Observe the record, livin out my name Repid Study man and all his methods And through his ethic, learn to expect the unexpected One step ahead I, return like Jedi Three hours behind your punk ass, catchin a red eye First class but cooler than coach, murder he wrote On the wall of the bathroom stalls shittin these quotes "Fuck you all" Scaredy cat kid, duckin these dogs You don't like us, then we don't like y'all. Lick The Balls! Be easy, speak easy This one be off the heazzzaaaayyy Like my pubic hair, black and greazzzzzaaayyyy [Chorus] (It aint even a question) [x5] Caution Warning Overload System Overload All Systems Ready Enter voice authorization sample From Letras Mania