Method Man & Redman

Four Seasons
(feat. Redman, Ja Rule, LL Cool J) [Redman] Bitch! Brick City, yo Yo, yo Funk Doc straight lunatic since young At 8 paint chips the rare moon ---- That pair mics, my maintenance I battle you and then me and Meth exchange shifts For money, to your house arrest anklet I take it all, if not, here's a thousand Bricks, be shooting fair ones with bail bonds men I'm constant, on that paper chase Blow zip codes from bricks to 8-1-8 Doc serve to you to liquor in the plate Battle royal, in the ring smoking like ought to owe ya Fire thrown to the roof of you apartment Hit 95 then I hide with the Waltons Down South, the forty-four feela I'm a Dolo nigga, you a Polo nigga I'm an Uptown shopper, you a Soho nigga Westside highway running, homo nigga [LL Cool J (Method Man)] I'm the sultan of the ghetto The homicidal aficionado Letras de cancionesI empty niggas out like Cristal bottles, uh When I battle, I'm breaking Bentleys down to gravel I got the heat right here, we ain't got to travel I'm bigger than producers, I figured out you losers I knew my longevity confuse ya Big paper game, come on run into these flames Recognize the power of the royal King James Phantom Menace, that's why niggas make faces like they drinking Guinness When they realize I'm not finished I've been paid, I've been platinum, been spittin', uh Been eatin', been ballin' and you know I'm shittin' Platinum links, chicky-eyed blonde hair, honeys sippin' rainbow colored drinks Black thugs with white minks, ready to jack the brink Bend your little wifee over help her stretch out the kinks That's why ya niggaz freeze when I step up in the building The Godfather's here giving blessings to his children Carrots shine, the world all mine Can't believe these cats is poppin' shit about papers in their rhymes Or bodies they collect, black Gotti shot a tech Them gangsta visions will have you ass up in an ambulance Cats ain't live, look up in my eyes We can do this one more time, I'll let you decide The Alizae swigger, I clock twelve figgas Think Goulianni's rough I got some real shit for niggas Never been defeated, niggas retreated Made the choice to be seated until my mission's completed Get loose, get loose, Method Man get loose What the world gonna do when my dogs get loose? (Blaze one) Blaze one (Blaze one) Blaze One Blaze, blaze, blaze one [Method Man] Now four corners, four seasons Four MC's with four reasons to bring this game to its knees And while you're down there, suck my dick My whole motto is fuck it Hit the smoke shop and blow my budget MC's abusing my bitch, using my shit I'm hanging off the roof with one hand, losing my grip Now y'all don't wanna see me do that, now do you? Go straight cuckoo and terrorize rap, do you? I do my best work stressed out and under pressure Deep inside the mind is where you'll find my buried treasure I'm still wild, still Tical Still gritty style, foul, crimi-niminal, individual Sing a song a six street Pocket full of chits Too many rappers be on John Gotti's dick Now this is something that we don't rehearse Put that rap shit second, and hip-hop first [Ja Rule] Easy, ain't near niggas spitting like me Nor Murderers motherfuckin' INC Niggas will pass me, look me in the face, ask me Are y'all really on the way or did somebody ask me Ja the myth, ready hand me the fifth let me explain Your lil' man made me give him a lift So you ridin' with gangstas I'm up to a whole lot of other shit Murderers is the clique, niggas can't deal with Try it (hataz) you gonna get yours to knife Lesson tonight by the four-four Niggas want more than a little bit, hot shit Ja Rule with Hot Nix I'm the best at that shit So bitches explain this We ride dick so well, head game from hell I love making them yell, my name Rule baby, And ain't shit gon' change, uh, uh [Redman] Yo Meth why don't you ask where all the ladies at? [Method Man] Where all the ladies at? All the ladies in the house with the real hair The clean underwear and she don't need welfare, make some noise Check this shit out From Letras Mania