Made Man

I Wanna Made Man
[chorus] I wanna made man don't care bout what you heard I don't care what you think I don't care what they say We fly threw friendly skies touchdown Blow smoke out the roof blue bentley crew Roll up sho' nuff all sold up Know us hit the spot and get tore up Show up wit a gang of cars Valet to parley straight to the bar Woo skinned suits Timberland boots Spend enough loot when Made Men come through We ball wit the ballas all bout dollers Floss 10 G's in gems round they collars Luxury life bring a buggin device but I'm straight up so I'm lovin my life On a average night might bag ya wife And make off like a thief with a bag of ice Box in my goochie watch blow tight For the whole night I shine like a strobe light [chorus x2] I see you watchin gettin mad cuz I'm gettin this done Made Men yo 5 double 0 benzito Letras de cancionesMy neck and my wrist wear ice no doubt I'ma still be shinin when the lights blown out Get it right I'ma big dog recognize When you see us comin threw best step aside Take heat to tha game dog watch and learn I'ma ball till im 80 wit cheese to burn Gotta keep my eyes open when I bounce in the range Since I'm stackin change you be lookin strange but that's alright that's all good still the flossiest nigga in the whole neighborhood Should I hit em wit a penny or cop a drop We be blazin hot made men won't stop and when the club let out I'll be sittin in my ride waitin for the shorty that I bagged aside [chorus x2] Round up the crew and head to the strip place Luke's choosen booze and expensive drinks The game out my mouth that I spit at shorties Go 0 to 60 like a 740 I'm droppin things coppin things 95 diamonds in my pinky ring I stay O T still cash pile You know the new style blue reptile When we show up in the club dont hate Cause we straight and to blow up we won't wait Love from the bar free Dom P Sightsee after G get tipsey I'm gonna need a spot wit a dime and some change Move from tha 1500 to the range Got made men and the system buggin Compared to my crew your crew say nothin [chorus x5] From Letras Mania