Mr. 3-2

(feat. D-Capo) [talking:] Shit, nigga really don't know if you promised tomorrow I'ma mash today, to make tomorrow better Know I'm tal'n bout, boys tal'n bout this and that That and this, trying to get mine right now [Mr. 3-2:] Lost my daddy, and I turned to a cold ass man Feed my fam, always keep a strap in my hand Understand, I lost my mind on drugs Damn near died, but I got the heart of a thug Busting them slugs, when them niggaz get out of line Shoot seventeen times, leave fools flatline Down for mine, but some boys ain't bout shit So I ride with it, in my G.D. whip Don't even trip fuck niggaz, cause none I avoid Got my hand on my trigger, cause I stay paranoid Boy all drama, with the G-O-V Boss Man, Pimpin' Chris of the S.U.C. Now see, the picture a whole lot clearer Staring, at the gangsta in the mirror What do the future hold for me, I hope a lot of cash Cause if not, I'm pulling out the black ski mask Letras de canciones[Hook: x4] In this life, I'm trying to get it with me real fast Don't know, how long will I last [Mr. 3-2:] Don't know how long will I last, steady getting cash Watching my back, come at me wrong I'ma blast Fool smash on the freeway, smashing the pedal Pray to make a million dollars, to get out the ghetto T-Lady is the love of my life, yes sir I don't know what I would do, if some'ing happened to her My niece and my sister, man that's all I got Fuck with my family, fool you gon get shot Turning west in a casket, frozen stiff Got the world on my shoulders, trying to lift With my gift of gab, tired of feeling sad Pull up in a Jag, that make a motherfucker mad I'm mad cause Patrick Hawkins gone, and ain't coming back Till it's my day to ride, in the hearse Lac Feel that, while I'm trying to get my head together But I know in time, everything gon be better [Hook x4] [D-Capo:] Life is fast, like a fastball from a pitcher A buzz from the liquor, like a bullet from the trigger Nigga it's serious, boys better watch it The cops stay on the block, just to take you up off it Like a stray dog, they put you in the pound Put you to sleep, and you can't jump back down Feel me now, I already lost Mafio I'll be damned if I fall off, and don't let boys know It's C-R-E-S-T M-O-B For life nigga, mash in top speed With my cousin Diggie D's, and my nigga Mr. 3 to the 2 What boys wanna do, we pack a tool I'm a fool with it, that's why I stay on the cool with it Boys have it in they hand, don't know what to do with it I'm through with it, I don't care how long I last Cause G-O-D, guides me down my path in this life [Hook x4] From Letras Mania