I wanna be a transparency live my life so that you can see Elohim No longer see a little boy in his teens getting by tryin' to fit in like an OG But looking back it doesn't make any sense to me how I could be 19 yet so naive I never really thought about eternity I just did at the time what felt good to me [Chorus] Yesterday are just memories in my head He paid the way and delivered me of my debt My hindsight's 20/20 now so it's said Can you believe it After the day that I graduated that's when it set in being faded and inebriated Dealing with the pains of my mom and dad's divorce But that was '81 now I'm showing no remorse And all those people that I used to know then I've changed my ways and I just live for Him At 4:20 every day you wanted me to blaze with you But at the same time every day I'm just gonna pray for you I changed my ways I'm never goin' back again I'm never goin' back again From Letras Mania