All Day Everyday
It's Sunday morning and you struggle with the sheets You hear the alarm kick the snooze go back to sleep If you could only get up you would see what you were missin' He is always there if you just take the time to listen to His Mission His will He'll tell you what to do Now that it's been done it's up to you to see it thorough And then do it daily 'cause that's where it's at It'll help you keep your life on track It's on all day everyday kinda thing So many times we think we got it tough We go to church two times a year and you think that's enough To get by with our lives and look good in others' eyes Eventually with God we see there is no compromise We realize how weak we really are Without Him in your life then you won't make it very far 24-7 is the point I'm tryin to make A daily walk with Him is exactly what it takes You got to do it daily From Letras Mania