Something Real
I ain't talkin' about cartoons Saturday morning TV Remote control, it's time to set your mind free Kick up your feet, flippin' the channels Brotherly love, I'm leadin' by example You're up all night watchin' late night cinema Trying' to get your life straight like that Y2K millennium Cops shows, talk shows, infomercials with a deal Give 'em up 'cause it's time for somethin' real [Chorus] You know it's time for somethin' true. Talkin' about somethin' real The rest is up to me and you Verse two goes somethin' like this, in a quick smack hurry Open your eyes 'cause your vision's kinda blurry Cash rules everything around me, cream is the money let me tell ya That's a bunch of bologna 'Cause everything I need the Lord has given me and everything I have is everything I need So take time realize how you should feel and give it up 'cause it's time for somethin' real Well He's the real deal, He's the reason every season and so you should kneel and give thanks and then be praisin' Him in every way Letras de cancionesAnd then you'll see that He has loved you from the very day, so listen to what we have to say about a story that's as real as it gets so take heed. Pay attention 'cause for you and I it's Elohim we need Our little journey isn't all about this record deal We're here to tell you that it's time for somethin' real From Letras Mania