Guess Who's Won
That's it that's the last straw You've tried so many times that I have to declare war I'm sick of your foolish attack, devil So step back I'm on a one way track, devil To take back all the things that you've stolen No withholdin I'm rollin and with the scriptures unfolding That your time is near and wit the power of God I'm gonna persevere So go ahead and try to turn up the heat 'Cause with my sword drawn you're gonna feel defeat The seat occupied to the right of my God Is the reason why I've got my feet shod The Word of life in the form of three Is given to me as artillery to sue To abuse and bruise you leave you standing in a daze wondering who's who You chose to be defeated or to be disarmed Anyway you want it we're gonna bring you harm In this battle only strong survive I now who's with me And who's by my side He's the tower of strength and the pillar To a hardened heart He's the tiller No scrilla can entice me to stay off your tail I'm gonna keep fighting til God prevails Cause the alarm has been rung Praise to God has been sung The victory dance has been done The battle's over and GUESS WHO'S WON From Letras Mania