50 Cent

Doo Wop Freestyle
Aiyo, I know these niggas don't like me But I don't like none of ya'll niggas, you know what I'm sayin 50 cent, 9-9, motherfuckin doo wop Volume 3, take it however the fuck you wan' take it Faggot ass niggas (50 Cent show these niggas how to rock) Yo, they done shot that boy down like a dog in the street Left him smelly, man fuck that, roll em over take that fellas pellet You ain't never heard a motherfucker spit like this Not even puff, and that nigga there made crazy hits Every few years a nigga come who crazy hot I'm the next best thing since Biggie and Pac Now I'm sayin this shit slow, so you don't miss it Don't be a statistic, my jewels from the district Stay with my biscuit, touch mines and get twisted Son I'm off the meter, my mind locked on crime See I'm tired of all these rappin niggas dyin to shine And I'm tired of fiends askin for a dime for nine Hearing this next punch line from me, may sound strange You sit your 5-dollar ass down, before I make change Yo the sale went stale, caught em real bad Fresh out the jail, shit is really real Niggas is still in jail, and I pray they don't tell 20-man inditement, my lawyer gotta fight this Niggas know, I ain't never pressed for dough And niggas know, I don't serve nobody I don't know Letras de cancionesSon said he was from O.T., pay 11 an o.z. My man brought em to me, see he ain't really know b That it was hot, dude was a cop He was just tryin to pop, to put the new beams on his drop First I served him o.z.'s, then I served him whole keys Now we all co-de's, damn man I O.D. You know how it is on the street, niggas is holdin the heat Po-Po walking to beat, we burnin l's up in the jeep Ain't nothing sweet, we used to move so strategic It's over I can't believe it, damn it's over Fed's ceased the six, the Lex' and the Range Rover Now a nigga rollin in a Toyota Corolla Used to never get high, now I'm never sober 380-6 shot glock top load-up Keep it in my waist son, I'll put one in your face I ain't got nothing to lose, nigga so stay in your place Just jumped bail, I ain't been on the run long But it feel like a motherfuckin marathon From Letras Mania