Mad Skillz

One, Two Theory
"Well first of all, let me say this: I need a man who knows how to make a speech. I think that's very important. A man who knows a lot of hard words." "Well we've checked all the possibilities." "And we've settled on the one man who we feel can reach the silent majority and tell it like it is at the same time." Yo, first of all, you drop (one) beat you see I be the first MC who grab the mic and spit You think you the (one) dog? I got one for you Your crew is in first place, I put some fools in (two) Now I'm a say this shit (once) when I drop my axe Wherever you come in, trust me, I'm on top of that First rapper I ever battled, that fool is in a casket My first song, that's a hip-hop classic My first tour was world reknown I only did MTV (once) but I tore it down One click got jel (one) time and tried to front The first fool to talk shit, I slapped him once ?Five Philly and Singleton? cats don't know me Understand that shit, O-N-E You're only getting (one) warning if you owe me If you one of the best then I suggest you show me You a QB then throw (one), I'm running with mine Letras de cancionesI get sweated the first time you hear (one) of my rhymes Nice with a mic device, I guess it's a curse If you roll up (two) nigga, guess who's first (One) slug to your brain, that's equal to (one) verse There's a shortage in one of the hospital, you get (one) nurse Y'all niggas is bitches, I've seen (one) of your skirts It's a lot of bad rappers but I'm (one) of the worst You one of them weekend thugs acting like you did dirt Come Sunday morning, you be the first nigga in church Y'all cats better dispirse, watch it son He don't got your back, he only own (one) gun Fuck the forties, niggas better know the nine (one) (one) That one loud cat is gonna be the reason you all get done For my sons to gettin' (ones), keep 'em stacking We gonna go the other way now, peep the subtraction If you go double platinum you seeing double the stacks But you ain't deserve all that, I'm a take (one) back Cop the couple of acts, I'm the reaper, black Keep ice grilling me and soon, you gonna be rocking the patch I hear one of your baby mothers, you don't think that's true? I'm the reason that (one) of your kids don't look like you I know it's hard to digest, don't start stressing it It should be hard as shit when you only got (one) intestine Learn your lesson, you tried to run a couple of blocks (One) shot, (one) ambulance, and a couple of cops Now you layed up in surgury with a couple of knots When you get home, I don't knock, I run up in your spot First you up in the watch, smack you twice First one got the cheeks stinging, the second (one) was light Any MC steals rhymes from Skillz You gonna be in the yard with (one) of your kids doing (one) handed cartwheels You getting a thousand spins on your B.S. hit I got 2,000 a day on the Aalyiah remix For the cats who fronted, ask them again who's nice I done told y'all niggas once, or maybe it was twice One two, one two, one two, one two, one two, one two, one... From Letras Mania