Nappy Roots

Blowin' Trees
Yes sir... Nappy Roots... Well.. I gotta go.. Aww.. alright.. [R. Prophit] I find myself up in the sky again, fly-in So sincere, my dear, when I leave I cry within It's lonesome here, candy painted oh so clear Represent the slums, Nappy through most of the year (Nappy Roots!) Shouts out to Aaliyah, lived a legendary career On my wall I gotcha picture, God pray witcha It's all on us, Nappy Boys 'In God We Trust' Regardless what, this ya boy R. Prophit whassup?! [Hook: Big V] Nappy head and all, is the life for me Grab my yea and we blowin trees This is the life God chose for me, chose for me Nappy head and all, is the life for me Grab my yea and we blowin trees This is the life God chose for me, chose for me, chose for me [Ron Clutch] I love my applecorn home, gave my favorite brush away Went from baldheaded to all-dreaded, to just enough to braid Letras de cancionesIt could be my lucky day, Nappy shirted up the shades Think I'm frontin, I'm cuttin somethin.. with my trucks and blades [Scales] Let that man speak, step up - grab all my meat Greet you with my balls and my word in every handshake You damn straight, you worthless queer, price this landscape Awake, to a plate - of a homemade pancake Used to picture myself at the NFL Draft I just couldn't remove the lens cap but I still kept my mouthpiece and my chinstrap [Ron Clutch] I dread it all for a pimp hat Big body hog, new rag-top, pitch black [Big V talking] Being average is ok, being different is alright Long as you stay in your means Then you know you keepin it real with yo'self And that's Nappy right there... [Hook] [B. Stille] I'm in the '81 'Lac Seville, but got spend Limo tint, but see we ridin it like it's a Benz Clamp somethin like a (?) (Puff somethin like a pimp) I'm cuttin corners most players won't attempt [Skinny DeVille] Skinny slum type, betcha bottom dollar that's fa sure Nappy gonna be alright, through ups and downs and back and fer' What the hell ya talkin bout? How much it cost to floss and ball We did it on a budget, rep the country till we fall [B. Stille] Playa we in (Nappy!) enter this biz My love is in the slums and the people that's near They love me dawg, do anything for me dawg Make a livin outta whattchu call ugly dawg! [Skinny DeVille] With nothin left to lose, we get it in, but Nappy Roots done paid the dues Hustlin, backwards-ass nigga this one here's for you You in the way, get out the game We comin through, with shit to prove Ain't nan thing you can tell me 'fore observin what we bout to do [Hook] [music fades out] From Letras Mania