Whitney Houston

Thinking About You
I can't get you off my mind No matter what I do I'm wishing you were here, with me It makes no difference I only think of you And I living out my fantasy Chorus: Late at night, a rendezvous Being such a love sick fool It might be pouring rain But still the same, nothings changed All and all I feel no shame I'm just your fool the same (I'm just your fool) (I keep thinking about you baby) So tell me what you're gonna do (I keep thinking about you) All I wanna do is (Like a river of wine, intoxicate my mind I'm thinking about you) That's what I wanna do (Pick me up, let's go down I'm thinking about it too) (I'm thinking about you) Letras de cancionesYa got me thinking about you (I'm thinking about it too) Maybe weeping is a game That's hard for me to face (But you need me) Just like I need you There's no reason Just my heart that makes me feel this way And I hope you feel the same way too Chorus (Spoken) It might be pouring rain But like a fool, insane I run to you I'm just a love sick fool I've got this thing for you (I'm just a love-sick fool) Chorus From Letras Mania