Judgement Days
I'm disbelieving again disruption to confort is all i can see as you get up don't wake up just stay stuck in your short-sighted mind genocide didn't end in '45 cos now you're leaving them all to die and i'm disbelieving again it seems that those who arnt your friends deserve a bullet in the head it seems that those who aren't your friends are suspects how can it be a short strech of sea can loose us all concept of humanity and help us all become a 'bigoted bunch of thugs'! whay can't you see? we're all human beings and our lives shouldn't be determined by our nationality i hope you understand these people already lost their lives and i hope they're never judging us the way we're judgeing them then it'll be them whose denying us life Letras de cancionesyou'd think with all the pain our country has inflicted that we'd be going out of our ways to put some positive back but all we seem able to go and do is make sure no one damages the interests of a few From Letras Mania