Chill Daddy

[Verse 1: Izzy G] May 21st my mama gave birth I was growing up in the city with the shitty, places where you didn't not remember any faces with no free spaces I was 5 years old when my dad left me ice cold then to myself I told I ain't gonna fold I'm gonna survive this shit, I ain't gonna quit I was playing cool, cause I never went to school I took a tool, and broke the rule I was a fool I was seven years, but I never dropped any tears I lived with my mom and my older brothers who was growing up one after the other we still live in this got damn world like I told I was never seen and heard I though that I deserved to be heard [Verse 2: Chill Daddy] me and Izzy G are up in this bitch to show ya bitches we got luv for this ish ridin in da house with clothes from bathing ape but let me tell ya bitches bout these dayz it's all good in da neighbourhood i'm misunderstood, couse I ain't like Robin Hood Letras de cancionesget the money for myself like I should when im stealin from the rich, don't snitch bitch [Verse 3: Izzy G/Chill Daddy switch] Izzy G: Days were passing by and I wanted to die I didn't own a shit, nothing was mine I started with the crimes, I crossed the line God gave me a sign, so I started writing rhymes Chill Daddy: What a life? It's hell sometimes Struggle with the cops for doing crimes On the first page, of the New York Times You'll see in my eyes that I'm havin' hard times Izzy G: Our music is fresh like bone with flesh don't try to fake it, cause you'll never make it Chill Daddy: You'll never found a sound like cj's n brown's after two rounds you'll be laying dead on da ground (Thanks to Joaquim C for these lyrics) From Letras Mania