Amy Grant

In A Little While
Got a ticket coming home Wish the officer had known What a day today has been Then I stumbled through the door Dropping junk mail on the floor When will this day end But then your letter caught my eye Brought the hope in me to life Cause you know me very well And I bet you wrote me just to tell me CHORUS: In a little while We'll be with the Father Can't you see Him smile In a little while We'll be home forever In a while we're just here To learn to love Him We'll be home In just a little while Boy, that letter hit the spot Made me think of all I've got And all that waits for me Letras de cancionesGuess I've known it all day long Wonder where my thoughts went wrong When will my heart believe Wakin' half-way through the night Reachin' toward the lamp for light Pickin' up the Word I find Here's another letter to remind me CHORUS Days like these are just a test of our will Will we walk or will we fall? Well, I can almost see the top of the hill And I believe it's worth it all From Letras Mania