Expendables (The)

The Cam Song
I can't believe that this actually went down So foolishly I would sit aside Hoping you'd come around So I stand in my place With a strong poker face Mending my own mind No thinking things would slip from our grip Not looking at the signs I've got nothing left to say But where was I when all this changed It happened so quickly I swear it was meant to be But when you look at reality You're gone and I'm trying to stay standing You put air on this fire And now we're really burning You know how we work We just keep on learning It's never whose best or who's worst Who comes up with ideas last or first At times I feel so empty inside You still stand with your pride Who saw it coming? Letras de cancionesWho saw it coming? Who saw it coming? But couldn't stand up to face it all Who saw it coming? Standing up to make the call From Letras Mania