Expendables (The)

Oh please Don't make me feel this way Not right now But I can see it in your face And I can tell you What you mean to me But I'm afraid to Cause you might not agree And I imagine that you heard Cause I don't want to be the one to tell it first Oh I, I, I, Oh I, I, I, I've never seen you like this Oh I, I, I, Oh I, I, I, Wanna give you one last kiss Oh see Things from my perspective In many ways It was my first time too So don't hate me Cause I'm that fool I never meant to Be that cruel And I imagine what you think I prey to god that your Letras de cancionesheart doesn't sting I don't really wanna make things worse This is the only way I can keep from bursting I wish you could see me Why don't you look at me I can't call you on the phone It's been this long And we're so remote So behave babe I know your just fine You haven't escaped me Cause in this world I'm blind From Letras Mania