Expendables (The)

Let Her Go
We've all been here before It's kinda crazy but I need to settle the score Maybe I'm not man enough maybe I can't compare The way she lives her life really makes me care Lying and knifing insides are dieing Why does it have to come to this? Lying and knifing I'm tired of trying To keep my cool playing the fool She doesn't know That she's hitting too low We want her gone for ever Its time to let her go He doesn't know This is starting to blow If we're gonna last forever Its time to let her go Its not that I want to see him torn But for a warning This is the calm before the storm We've given her too much of a chance Too much trust too much too fast I don't know how much longer I can last Lying and knifing I'm tired of fighting Letras de cancionesI'm gonna burst at my seems Lying and knifing I'm tired of biting My wicked tongue I'm not gonna run We've got to stay together Doesn't matter on the day's weather I know that you love her But we're all brothers Can't let these feelings stay under the covers From Letras Mania