Hanks (The)

Turn Around
My chest is heavy Breathing slowing Dull, unyielding ache is growing And I know you'll soon be going Thought of you Leaving me won't let me be Outr intimacy's out the window And we both know, we both know Tomorrow's creeping up And we're both lost in the past The sun is going to rise so soon Whether we're here to see it or not I'm not acting Like I should when I'm with you I'm getting mad when I know not to And we don't love, though we ought to And the saddest part of all this That we're almost done with caring We're sick of this load we're bearing And we hardly remember the Moonlit memories Letras de cancionesBack when I understood love Now the skies are all gray and I can't see And I hope I can find my way out Maybe we'll be better off And there's better things to be found Maybe we're turning our backs on the best thing we'll ever have Then when we'll realize it's too late, To turn around From Letras Mania